#WriteClub Meets NaNoWriMo

Hey there #WriteClub-ers!

This is Darci here to ask your thoughts on an idea the Crew has been kicking around for a while.

Here’s the thing: #WriteClub began in October of 2012, and has grown like crazy. For our one-year anniversary, we’d love to do something special for you guys. And our chance is too good to pass up.

The first day of NaNoWriMo is a FRIDAY. We would love to get the whole world in on a #WriteClub sprint run lasting from the time the clock strikes twelve on Friday morning in Auckland New Zealand, until we pass midnight Friday night in Hawaii.

This would take a LOT of work.

The time frame would span just under FORTY-EIGHT HOURS.

We might die. Fair warning.

The jist of it is this: we’d love to do this for you guys, but we WILL need some help. Someone in Australia, someone in the Middle East or Eastern Europe, and maybe a backup person or two for each of them. We all have lives, and it’ll be hard to put everything on hold for a 48 hour writing retreat (although I’m thinking of doing just that) but even if we DO have free time, we all have to sleep at some point. So. We need backup.


The times would look like this:

(NOTE: Th = Oct 31st, Fri = Nov 1st, Sat = Nov 2nd)

NEW ZEALAND: 12am Friday – 10pm Saturday

UK: 1pm Thursday – 11am Saturday

US EAST COAST: 8am Thursday – 6am Saturday

US WEST COAST: 5am Thursday – 3am Saturday

HAWAII: 2am Thursday – 11:59pm Friday


What WE need to know from YOU is CAN YOU HANDLE IT?


It’s not set in stone yet, and this is not an official announcement. But if enough interest is there, we’ll do our best to make this work for you guys. It will be rough on us sprint leaders. We might get sick from lack of sleep, injured from typing accidents, or die from caffeine overload. You guys have to make it worth it for us. WILL YOU BE THERE? Answer on the poll, and leave a comment if you’ve got questions or if you’re interested in volunteering to help.