Just an update on #WriteClubNaNo. Unfortunately it’s looking like we won’t be able to do all of Friday for all of the world. This is still to be determined though, so we’ll update you as the time gets closer. For now, the schedule stands thus:

We’ll be kicking off #WriteClubNaNo at the stroke of midnight on the East Coast of the USA on the morning of November 1st. 

From there, we’ll run sprints starting every 40 minutes (30 write/10 break) for (tentatively) FORTY-EIGHT HOURS. 

We would LOVE to have as many people jump in on this as possible, and we’re counting on YOU GUYS to help spread the word! We’re sure there will be other hashtags running sprints (#NaNoWriMo being among them) but we’d love to see how many words we can get reported, and maybe even hit a MILLION WORDS in TWO DAYS.

We’ll cross our fingers.

So tell us, will you be there?

We will.

-The Crew


One thought on “#WriteClubNaNo

  1. Out of curiosity, what shifts need covering for the rest of the world? Does it have to be someone in that time zone?

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