#WriteClub Marathon Details

Hiya #WriteClub-ers!

Okay. We have FOUR DAYS until the big day!

Check out THIS VIDEO to see how we’ve been preparing to motivate you during the Marathon… oh yeah, we’re ready.

REMEMBER! Sprints begin at the STROKE OF MIDNIGHT AM on November 1. And we’ll go for approximately FORTY-EIGHT HOURS.

Or until our fingers fall off. Ya know, whichever comes first.

During that time, we’ll be giving away prizes and keeping stats on wordcounts. The CREW has dutifully been emailing back and forth for a couple weeks to make sure we know what’s going on, and we’re pretty sure we’ve got the rules decided.

During the marathon, each Sprint-Leader will choose a random participant from their time block to receive a prize.  Also, Beau will be watching for the persons who take us over certain milestones, like 100K, 500K, and 1 Million words. The prizes could be anything from a prize pack of ebooks or edits to custom character artwork, to audiobooks or critiques.

We have a LOT of prizes ready for you.

Then, after the craziness is over, make sure you’re still paying attention! Because we’ll announce winners for some TOP SECRET AWARDS we’ll be looking to… award.

Hi. I’m a writer.


I digress. RULES ARE:

1. Follow @FriNightWrites on Twitter (In case you win we need to DM you!)

2. Report your word counts using the #WriteClub hashtag.


4. Tell Megan Happy Birthday.

5. HAVE FUN!!!


If you have any questions feel free to @ or DM us on Twitter, and we’ll do our best to reply this week. WE’RE SO EXCITED.



#WriteClubNaNo Giveaway

ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT!!! *runs around muppet flailing* Are your ideas ready for NaNoWriMo? Do you have your weekend blocked off to sprint until your fingers BLEED?

Okay, maybe not. But HEY! We have officially set up sprint shifts, so that every three to five hours you’ll get a new sprint-leader and a fresh boost to keep you going!*


During the #WriteClub Nano Marathon, we will be giving away PRIZES to lucky winners throughout the weekend! Here’s a list of the AWESOME we have in store for the lucky participants!


**ALL prizes are available Internationally!**


-THREE offers of custom digital artwork of your characters done by Haley @Halogalopagos. She’s offered two simple sketches and one more detailed piece.

– A Critique of your finished NaNo novel from the lovely Sarah Benwell! (@SWritesBooks)

-Ebook copies of novels that have been finished with the help of #WriteClub! donated by the authors Elizabeth Hill (@jlizhill), Rachel O’Laughlin (@rachelolaughlin), and Helen Boswell (@HelenBozz).

-Four $20 Amazon Gift Cards offered up by Beau Barnett

-FOUR COPIES OF SCRIVENER (two Mac, two PC) (Special thanks to the folks at Literature and Latte for donating these!!! You guys ROCK!)




Here are the rules to participate:

1. Follow @FriNightWrites on Twitter. (VERY important!!! This is so we can DM you if you win!)

2. Participate in sprints and use the #WriteClub hashtag.

3. Refrain from making any Fight Club jokes for the duration of the marathon, or you will be disqualified.

4. Read on for the final rule…


THAT’S IT. We’ll draw winners randomly throughout the weekend as we hit word count milestones. So be paying attention, and maybe YOU’LL win something awesome!

Lastly, we’ve gotta say this event is special for a lot of reasons. It’s the first anniversary of #WriteClub, it’s NaNoWriMo, and it’s also…


The boss and leader of #WriteClub has a birthday that week, so make sure you wish her the happiest of days! In fact, we’re making that a rule too. In order to win, you have to wish Megan a happy birthday.


All in all, it’s going to be a crazy weekend. So get your schedule set, your caffeine and snacks out, and your mode of writing ready. Let’s blow this thing out of the water.

See you November first, at the stroke of midnight. (EST)


*Please make sure you get sleep during this time. We are not encouraging you to stay up for 48 hours, that’s why we’re taking turns leading sprints. Be good to your brain, you need it. ❤