2013 Year End Stats from StatsGuy

Here we go, UK first, US second:



47 weeks, beginning 2/8. A total of 2,155,321 words, that’s 47,857.89 words/wk πŸ™‚

553 people participated in at least one sprint. There were 412 total sprints run for the year. A total of 3,712 sprint reports were made! 150 of those sprints were larger than 5000 words; 16 went over 10K, and 2 went over 20K. The entire top 9 largest sprints were on 11/1 during what would have been the normal UK #writeclub time in the midst of the marathon. All were over 14K.


By month:

February: 27,378 words
March: 112,724 words
April: 172,462 words
May: 218,148 words
June: 169,830 words
July: 263,166 words
August: 265,657 words
September: 206,158 words
October: 170,402 words
November: 436,651 words
December: 112,705 words


Top 5 weeks:

171,461 — November 1st (normal UK time of marathon)
90,292 — July 19th (my birthday!)
85,475 — November 8th
74,481 — November 15th
72,041 — July 26th


52 weeks! 5,810,983 words! That’s 111,749.67 words/wk! 521 individual sprints were run across the 52 weeks, a total of 8,959 sprint reports were made! Holy crap!

Of the 521 sprints, 272 of them crossed the 10K barrier, 67 were above 15K, 18 went over 20K, 3 went over 25K, 1 over THIRTY THOUSAND WORDS. Believe it or not, during normal US #writeclub time during the marathon, the top 4 sprints were had. The top sprint outside the marathon was on 4/12, when 23,609 words were reported.


By month:

January: 149,809 words
February: 314,523 words
March: 602,336 words
April: 415,234 words
May: 425,389 words
June: 486,925 words
July: 587,892 words
August: 617,340 words
September: 566,640 words
October: 437,839 words
November: 840,592 words
December: 368,085 words


Top 5 weeks:

234,716 — November 1st (during normal US #writeclub time of marathon)
203,151 — July 19th (my birthday!)
185,250 — September 6th
175,904 — November 8th
170,499 — July 5th


9 times the US crossed 150K. Once achieving 50K for the first time, we never went back under it EXCEPT that day in May we weren’t going to have it but did 4 sprints anyway. πŸ™‚


I have MORE I’m working on, but these are the high points.
See you soon!



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