#WriteClub NaNo Marathon 2014

Do you realize that #WriteClub has been a THING for TWO FULL YEARS? That’s right. Twenty-four months, baby. One-hundred and four weeks. (Give or take, I mean we’d have to ask #StatsGuy…) I don’t even know how many sprints that is, or how many reports we’ve had, but I bet #StatsGuy could tell us and I bet it’s a LOT.
And YOU helped make that happen.
In celebration of the second anniversary of WriteClub’s creation, we’re very excited to host our second sprint marathon for NaNoWriMo writers on November 6th through 8th!!! WOOOO!!!!
*shoots off confetti and fireworks but not together because that could be dangerous…..*
Last year, the 372 international participants of our marathon wrote over 1.2 MILLION words in a forty-eight hour period. It was an incredible thing to be part of. Behind the scenes it was crazy and fun and exhausting, but we did it, and we’re SO EXCITED to do it again! We’re lucky we have even MORE Sprint Leaders this year, too, so hopefully we won’t get as tired as we did last time, but if we start breaking out into show tunes, at least you’ll know why.
SO! Mark your calendars!
#WriteClub NaNoWriMo Marathon
Midnight Friday morning in Sydney Australia, Nov. 7th
Midnight Friday night on the US East Coast, Nov. 7th.
(The time-math is crazy, but it’s basically almost forty-eight hours, guys.)
For the US, it means Thursday morning to Friday night.
Aussies, midnight Thursday night/Friday morning until midnight Saturday night.
UK, you guys are somewhere in between, and my brain isn’t functioning at full capacity so I don’t know what times to tell you. 
And you know… we might do more. I’m pretty sure we did last year, at least.
SPREAD THE WORD! We’re working on collecting prizes and organizing the schedule so we can make sure to give you guys the BEST NaNoWriMo Marathon EVER!
Because YOU deserve it.
See you on Friday, folks.

3 thoughts on “#WriteClub NaNo Marathon 2014

  1. Looking forward to FRIDAYS!!!

  2. beaubarnett says:

    Yes, it is a lot. Through Friday: 16,141,912 words.

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